No woman, no drive


I’m back! And so are my overly opinionated views of the world. This week there was a death that shook the world – well known hollywood actor Paul Walker, who is known for his role in the the Fast and Furious serious – passed away alongside his friend Roger Rodas, in a fatal car crash in Los Angeles. As devastating as this was, I feel it really brings forward issues concerning road safety and driving. So today, I thought I would discuss an existing global stigma concerning cars, driving – and of course my favourite topic, gender differences and discrimination.

So firstly, I want to bring up a topic that is somewhat dear to me – women and driving. Why is this issue dear? Well because there seems to be a stigma around women and their ability to drive a vehicle. A number of men are conditioned to believe (in fact most men for that matter) that women have poor driving skills, and to top it off they sure aren’t afraid to vocalise their opinions. 

This has gotten to the point where in some nations, such as Saudi Arabia women are forbidden to drive in case they “get themselves killed” on the dangerous Saudi roads. If they have no drivers, they are pretty much confined within walking distance of their homes (if of course they are able to find a male chaperone to escort them).

In saying this, today I am not here to talk about Saudi politics, but rather why this stigma around women and driving has arisen. When we look at the facts, lets say in Australia for example, women are clearly much better drivers, and yet our male counterparts are still willing to derogate our ability to drive.

Looking at the fatality statistics alone there are more than double (and in some cases TRIPLE) the number of male deaths to female deaths in all states across the board, which raises the question: when women are clearly much safer drivers why do men seem to put down our driving skills?

My conclusion: they measure “good driving”, not by their ability to be safe,cautious and aware on the road, but rather on how nimble they are in manoeuvring traffic at fast speeds. Women are more likely to be aware of the dangers, and are less likely to take risks on the road, and to me that is what constitutes good driving.

So maybe girls, its time we turned the tables, and started derogating their driving, because at the end of the day, reality is not a movie, and you cant take back a life once its gone.


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