How about we cut your d*cks off?

The latest news on the grapevine: If you are a woman in Britain, and you value your clitoris – yes you read me correctly – then you may be facing the likes of one of the most ridiculous campaigns I have yet to every come across.

There is a movement currently being undertaken by Islamic men in Britain to force ALL women (not just Islamic), to have their clitoris forcibly removed, because apparently “ONLY WHORES NEED A CLITORIS”.

This mutilation is not only dangerous, but is a clear attempt to suppress the sexuality of women, because quite frankly, these mysoginistic pigs do not like the idea that women should also be able to experience.

One cannot tell me that it is ‘religion’ which urges them to suppress women in such way – in fact the Islamic religion preaches equality, and love. No, this is to be blamed on the ego’s and power trips of a ¬†small bunch of chauvinistic men, who can’t stand the fact that women too are intelligent, outspoken, and sexual human beings.

Well I say, how about we give them a taste of their own medicine?

If they feel so strongly about sexual pleasure being a “sin”, and if they feel that only “whores need a clitoris”, then I say, why don’t we do them the honour of making sure they don’t also succumb to the ‘sinful pleasures of sex’.

So off with their dicks I say!

Lets see how they’d like it if we had four men hold them down, while they had their penises cut off – because that’s exactly what happens to these young girls.

Lets strip them of the pleasure that they feel only they are entitled to have, so they can see it from the other side.


Note. I would like to take this moment to recognise the fact that for those reading this, I do not condone discrimination against the Islamic religion or its people, rather the statements I have made are directed at the handful of males behind this wretched campaign.


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