Cutting grass – the new punishment for rape

It was the afternoon of her grandfathers funeral. The family had gathered to say their last good-byes, and Liz, a 16 year old Kenyan girl, was amongst them. Having payed her final respects, she decided to head home alone – it was still daylight, so she felt safe. Or so she thought. 

During her walk, she encountered a group of men, some with very familiar faces. There were six of them – she knew she didn’t stand a chance. It began. The tormenting, the abuse, and the gang rape, as each member took their turn violating her. It went on and on, as she slipped in and out of consciousness. When they’d had enough, the six men lifted her unconscious body, and through it into the 6 metre depths of a toilet pit.

The men were later arrested and punished for their actions – or so they say.

Easily deemed the worlds worst punishment (not for its effectiveness or cruelty but for its lack of), these men faced a measly hours work, cutting and trimming the lawns of the police station, before being let off.

It is shocking and appalling to see no justice being served. To see a young girl being brutally attacked physically, mentally, and sexually. To see her suffer from a traumatic experience, after having her back broken and being left to live the rest of her life out in a wheelchair. To see the police tell her mother to “clean her up”, before destroying all the evidence that held the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

It is such corruption, and such heinous action that diminishes hope in the public justice system. When police,the ones who are supposedly there to “serve and protect”, victimise the victim, and protect the criminals instead. It is such systems that not only lack equality, but also righteousness.

The girl, who the western media have called “Liz”, calls for action, something which the Kenyan government is currently not giving her.

So I ask of you one thing: to sign this petition, urging Kenyan politicians and police to ensure justice is served, not only to the perpetrators, but to the officers who let them go.


3 thoughts on “Cutting grass – the new punishment for rape

  1. Your speed and delivery of current and worldly affairs never ceases to amaze me! I read this horrific story this morning and it dawned on me that scenarios similar to “Liz’s” occur on a daily basis. I am glad that this case has received the coverage that all cases so desperately deserve. I think it is really great that you included the Avaaz link, as it is a fantastic news platform where contributions are truly felt. Thanks for keeping your followers informed- keep up the good work!

  2. Mowing a lawn is that even a thing for punishment? The world seems to be an unbalanced place. If only certain laws applied across the world somethings would have been dealt with much ease.

  3. That is absolutely disgusting. It’s great that your campaign is raising awareness of an issue so desperately in need of attention. I’m also glad that the western media has responded to this story, and I hope it serves to bring the criminals to some sort of justice. Petition signed! Thanks for sharing!

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