Pubic hair causes outrage

It pains me to see just how distorted our perception of the female body has become and it disgusts me to know, that we have reached such a point in society, that women are expected to alter their natural bodies to be considered acceptable.

This week, Instagram has shown us how far gone our society is in regards to this issue, when they took down a photograph of artist Petra Collins, who posted an instagram picture of her in her bathing suit. The scandal? An unshaven bikini line.

It is appalling to think, that of the hundreds of thousands of women who post pictures of themselves in their bikinis on social media everyday, this one was censored because of what is ultimately a woman in her natural state.

When did our society because so superficial, that pubic hair – something each and every one of us has – became “unfeminine” and “offensive”?

We live in a society which has created an unspoken criteria of female beauty, criteria which quite frankly, is unrealistic. We have these expectations of tall, slim, tan, young, hairless women, who spends hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of dollars on products, and operations, to meet this standard.

We have become a society of superficial, obsessive, followers, who all fall at the feet of consumerism and vanity. We spend so much time focusing on our exterior, that for the most part we lose out on true happiness.

I am just as bad as the next person in this regard. I put on make-up every day, and straighten my hair, and go to the gym. I’m fussy about the way things look on me, and the clothes I wear. And much like most women of this time, I also maintain a hair-free body, for fear that I will be judged for walking around the streets with underarms that show a slight 5 o’clock shadow, or legs that are not perfectly smooth.

It’s a sickness… a disease, and we have all fallen victim to it. I just hope that people like Petra Collins continue to make a stand for this issue, in the hopes that one day, women can feel comfortable in their own skin.


15 thoughts on “Pubic hair causes outrage

  1. I’m the same. I know this is an issue but I can’t stop shaving, it’s conditioning and really hard to break. The biggest shocker I got on the pubic hair issue was from Caitlin Moran, who made the point that lack of pubic hair suggests prepubescence. It is so unhealthy that this is what society deems ‘beautiful’.

    • If prepubescence is considered sexually attractive, then there is something seriously warped with our society! The sad thing is I have yet to meet a women who is completely happy in her own skin

      • I know! There are so many influences from so many places telling women that to be happy is to look unnaturally, unhealthily and unachievably beautiful and flawless.

  2. Terrible, isn’t it? What makes me cringe is when I hear men and women (or even boys and girls) talking about how they are expected to groom/expect groom from a sexual partner. Hair is nothing to be ashamed of, and yes even though I do shave, I am sick of advertisers, the media and society making it seem unfeminine, wrong or dirty to have hair down there (or anywhere, in fact, that is not your head, eyebrows or eyelashes). It’s there for a reason, y’know.

    • very true rachel! funnily enough even men are now starting to turn to waxing and hair removal. I cant help but wonder at what point in our history we started seeing body hair as ‘offensive’ or ‘disgusting’

  3. I don’t think there is anything wrong with hair removal and I don’t consider myself diseased for taking part in this ritualized behavior. I do consider it an issue that there is such an established norm for conventional beauty, in which we need to check off criteria A, B, C to fulfill, but I do not think we should judge those who do fulfill these criteria nor those who want to fulfill such criteria. There is nothing wrong with displaying a hairless bikini line on Instagram, but there is something wrong with being censored if you deviate from this “norm.” I foremost take issue with the notion that society can dictate how we look and even establish a “norm” for femininity. I have a problem that not only does society prescribe this norm, but shames and censors us when we fail to conform. This system is built for women everywhere to fall short and in turn, we often end up doing the work of this prescribed ideology by shaming ourselves when we feel we’ve fallen short of these often unrealistic standards of femininity/beauty.

    • I very much agree with you. I mean I personally prefer a hair free body, but it angers me that people who want to stay natural in that sense, are discriminated against for not conforming to the “norm”

  4. Society tells us that for a woman to be considered an attractive and feminine woman she must be 100% hairless and smooth except for the hair on her head (which must be long). Even though, you know, adult women have hair, this is apparently too horrifying for men to handle.

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  6. I totally agree with this post well done. I do like to wax/shave purely for cleanliness reasons but as so so so embarrassed if I haven’t kept on top of things and say there is a beach trip I would say no thank you due to that reason….sad really as its because i worry about what others will think. But I wouldn’t judge if I saw it as I understand as a women PLUS its personal choice.

  7. You haven’t fallen ‘sick’ to any ‘disease’, you’re simply maintaining your appearance by going to the gym, straightening your hair etc.

    This is a GOOD thing. It shows that you have determination and self respect.

    You shouldn’t discourage people from taking care of themselves.

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