Seduction: a woman’s weapon?


I recently stumbled upon this blog post, which argues that women use their ability to seduce, in order to make men their “servants”, and that women need seduction to become “successful in their endeavours”.

The Smile, the Cleavage, the High-heels, and the Humour

So according to this male, women need a good smile, and great cleavage to make a man melt, as “this can distract a man and make him bow to a woman’s every beck and call.” Furthermore, it is important that women wear high heels to make their legs look sexy, and not to laugh at everything a man says – to do so only when he is funny – because low-and-behold ladies, they might catch onto us!

A Woman’s Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Seduction

He then goes on to explain that women should not wear too much make-up, as men do not want foundation and powder all over them – I find it ironic that this individual thinks he would even get close enough to a woman to get make-up on him, especially with that attitude. We also need to be ‘selective about our perfume’, be ‘suntanned beauties’ (because snow-white skin is apparently not beautiful, and neither is fake tan – so do note ladies, in order to get a man, you’ll need to start exposing your skin to harmful UV rays and melanomas), and not wear hair extensions. BUT WAIT! I’ve saved the best for last – men do not like women with big hands (or maybe he just has serious insecurities about his lack of ‘endowment’).

How do I even respond to this?

I’m stumped for words.

Never have I found myself to face such ignorance in an individual. Once the shock-horror, and outrage of reading such a post subsided, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that we still live in a world where so many individuals (and I wont be gender-discriminative here), still believe that women get to power, through their sexual prowess.

Being a young female, who has achieved a number of successful endeavours, I can surely say that I have never used seduction to open doors and opportunities, and to be honest, I am appalled that someone would have the nerve to assume so.

We clearly still reside in a society where women have to work twice as hard to get to the top of the corporate ladder, and what is so infuriating, is that when we get there, we are not congratulated for our efforts and dedication, but are immediately labelled as some sort of sexually manipulative whore, who must have seduced her way up.

Clearly the man who wrote this post has a serious inability to control his sexual urges, and that is probably due to the fact that he is incapable of moving past a primitive mindset of sex, eat, and sleep. And here I thought our species had evolved past that point – clearly not.


7 thoughts on “Seduction: a woman’s weapon?

    • I guess to some misogynistic types it is… because they are so egocentric and self-centred they couldnt quite imagine the world not revolving around them and their needs.

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  2. I found the majority says women should be in make up and beautiful accessories. Why is that? Can’t a woman become successful without make up? If a woman look beautiful without make up, what bothers others? I think the people who always say that they actually discriminate the women most. To me, they only respect the women when a woman presents herself completely as a woman.

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