Knocking on a door that doesn’t want to open

Australia we need to talk. 

We need to talk about the leadership of this country. About the fact that we are quickly sinking into the depths of a time-warp, quickly resembling the social and political imbalances of historical period where women where confined to the pressures of domestication, and white collared men found themselves at the top of the social food-chain.

It is appalling to think, that the cabinet which is to run our country, predominantely consists of white, anglo, catholic males, with law degrees, and a wealthy private-school upbringing.  What is even more outrageous, is the fact that only one female has a seat in a  cabinet, when women make up more than 50% of the population.

How is it, that a democratic, and well-progressed nation such as Australia, has less women in parliament than Afghanistan – a country which for so long our society has scrutinised for its disregard of women’s rights. And yet at least Afghanistan seems to have figured out that in an effective democracy, all voices need to be equally heard.

What I find so ironic, is that Tony seems “dissapointed” that his cabinet lacks more women. Wake up Tony – you chose the damn cabinet. You ran the selection process. You are the one making these choices, and you are clearly trying to find ways to cover up the backlash.

So dear Mr Abbott, I do have a request to ask of you. Stop pretending that you care about equality, because if you think that hiding behind a mask of so-called disappointment, and if you think that appointing yourself the Minister for Womens Affairs, is going to cool the heat on this one – I can sure promise you that it won’t.

You may argue that women are “knocking on the door” of your cabinet, but you know as much as anyone else, that you have put a deadlock on that door, are not planning on letting them in. So do us all a favour Tony, and stop lying to yourself, and to us. At least if you were truly transparent, we’d have less to scrutinise upon, particular in light of your pathetic attempts to mask your clear disregard for gender equality.


One thought on “Knocking on a door that doesn’t want to open

  1. I really like this post, you make some great points. Politically, we should start being gender equal and give momentum to a larger change. I think this blog post I found last year worth a read. This guy expressed an idea that has plagued me most of my life in one easy-to-understand metaphor. It’s incredible.

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